Can I have a midwife and a doctor?

No. You can have either a midwife or a doctor for pregnancy, birth and newborn care. Midwives, obstetricians and family doctors are all primary caregivers. A primary caregiver takes responsibility for your care.

Why do people choose midwives?

Midwives help to protect physiologic birth. Clients receiving midwifery care are more likely to go into labour on their own and not have interventions like induction, forceps, vacuum, episiotomy, electronic fetal monitoring, or cesarean section. This leads to excellent health outcomes for birthing parents and their babies.

When should I contact a midwife?

It is best to call us as soon as you know that you are pregnant. However, you can call anytime during your pregnancy if you decide that midwifery care is for you. You do not need a referral to see a midwife.

What is the cost for a midwife?

Midwifery care is part of the Ontario health care system and is fully paid for by the government to any resident of Ontario, with or without OHIP.

Can I get an epidural with a midwife?

Yes. Midwives teach pregnant people about all the various ways to manage labour pain. While epidurals are available, many midwifery clients decide not to use drugs for pain relief. This usually helps them to recover more quickly after giving birth.

How does midwifery care work?

At our practice, we offer personalized care to expecting parents. Your journey with us includes initial visits, regular check-ups, labour, birth care, and postpartum care.

During your initial up to 90-minute visit, we establish a strong foundation for your care and address your questions and concerns. Subsequent appointments, lasting up to 30 minutes, monitor your pregnancy and provide guidance. Postpartum care includes visits during the first week and follow-ups at 2, 4, and 6 weeks post-birth, with your final post-partum appointment being approximately one hour.

Our team consists of Registered Midwives and midwifery students, working together to provide exceptional care to low-risk pregnant individuals. Appointment frequency varies by pregnancy stage, from monthly to weekly visits.

For urgent concerns or labour, a midwife is available 24/7. We can also order routine pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Your well-being is our priority throughout this special time in your life!

What if there’s a problem with my pregnancy?

Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and birth and provide safe care for both parent and baby. If there is a health concern or complication, your midwife follows the standards set by the College of Midwives of Ontario and arranges for you to be seen by a physician. If needed, your care is transferred. Your midwife continues to provide support and the doctor will transfer your care back to the midwife as soon as possible.

How are midwives trained?

Registered Midwives complete a four-year Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Midwifery through the Ontario Midwifery Education Program or an equivalent education program from another Canadian province. If a midwife has been trained outside of Canada, they complete the College of Midwives of Ontario’s Orientation and Assessment Pilot Program. Once a midwife has completed their training, they are licensed through the College of Midwives of Ontario. Newly registered midwives are required to complete a mentorship year with an experienced midwife.